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  • Wednesday, 11th March 2015
  • The popularity of face oil

    The Duchess of Cambridge has revealed her skincare secret. It might make you look and feel like royalty, but it won't cost you a King's ransom.
  • Tuesday, 10th March 2015
  • Taxi driver's racist rant caught on camera

    A foul-mouthed cabbie's vile racist rant at four young passengers on the way home after a night out. On A Current Affair, the exclusive footage of the verbal attack.
  • Residents left in the dark

    The residents robbed of daylight because of the neighbouring pub's huge fence. They've been plunged into darkness without any notice and are now fighting the hoteliers and council to have it taken down.
  • From caravan man to Aussie Keno king

    He's the 70-year-old Aussie Keno king who lives in a caravan park and is now a millionaire. John hit the jackpot, turning a $1 ticket into a $1.4 million win.
  • On the trail of a serial conwoman

    She's the serial conwoman who be-friends her victims and then betrays their trust. Helen Vassilakis has already been convicted in Victoria for swindling 18 people out of $150,000. We've been following her trail of deceit across two states for two years.
  • Man who maliciously destroyed his own shop handed sentence

    The man responsible for a frightening arson attack on his own shop. It was caught on camera and almost claimed his life and the lives of many others.
  • Monday, 9th March 2015
  • Man blows $1 million awarded in worker's compo

    Jason Cooper damaged his spine during a half-time competition at the footy. He was awarded more than a million dollars in compensation, but after his costs were paid, he blew the rest in four months. Now he wants welfare.
    Billy J
    Big payout for an injury, but to go through it so quickly, that's some spending. Well done Centrelink standing firm.
  • Tradies and labourers in the danger zone

    Every hour of every working day five construction workers will suffer a serious injury. Last year, 30 of them didn't make it home at all. The tragic reality of what life is like for those left behind.
  • Friday, 6th March 2015
  • To kill or be killed

    Jessica Silva is a free woman after stabbing her abusive ex-boyfriend to death. She was found guilty by a jury for manslaughter, but was given a suspended jail term by a Judge who said the killing was done in extreme circumstances. Now her dramatic police video interview recorded just hours after the tragedy.
  • Unsolved Australian cold cases

    Police on the hunt for two killers and the heartbroken families who want justice. On A Current Affair, the heartbreaking cold cases that must be solved. Police need your help.

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