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  • Wednesday, 24th June 2015
  • Fitness Tracking

    They're the little bits of plastic that claim to unlock the key to good health and weight loss. But are FitBits and other brands worth forking out for?
  • Aldi Delivery

    For years, Coles and Woolworths have offered online grocery shopping. Now, it's possible to get Aldi delivered to your door as well.
  • Farmer Lachlan

    Less than 24 hours after Lachlan, the hunky farmer from Married At First First, revealed he was single. the declarations of love have been flooding in.
  • Nasty Nick

    Tonight on A Current Affair, the secret recordings and hidden camera video that are bringing down a callous crook.
  • Tuesday, 23rd June 2015
  • Price Match

    It's the retailer promise that's allowing consumers to call the shots. Most major retailers offer price match guarantees - which means if you find a cheaper price at a different store, you can demand their competitor meets it.
  • Hair Removal

    The good, the bad and the ugly of hair removal. Tonight on A Current Affair, we ask the experts what treatments should get good results and which ones could cause harm.
  • Cinema Rage

    When you go to the movies, you expect the drama to play out in the theatre. But that wasn't the case when two seniors took their grandson to see Jurassic World in Melbourne last weekend.
  • Married At First Sight: After The Finale

    It was the controversial show that promised to find the perfect match for eight singles desperately looking for love. But what really went on when the cameras stopped rolling.
  • Monday, 22nd June 2015
  • Married At First Sight

    They're the rollercoaster romances played out on Australian television to millions of viewers. Last week saw the end for one of the couples. But for the remaining couples, decision day is looming and emotions are running high.
  • Hoon Bust

    For more than a month, A Current Affair has infiltrated the covert late-night gatherings and exclusive internet groups of Australia’s hoon groups - recording their details and their ridiculously dangerous behaviour.

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