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  • Thursday, 22nd May 2014
  • Shifting slabs leave cracks in Australian Dream

    Some unfortunate Australians are discovering their dream homes were not built on solid foundations. Poor drainage is causing homes to lift, heave, twist and crack. Now lawyers are calling for them to be knocked to the ground.
  • Wear away your back pain

    For back pain sufferers living with the pain could be a thing of the past due to advances in technology. One device in particular is pinpointing pain that human doctors and specialists have been unable to find.
  • Wednesday, 21st May 2014
  • The street with no shame

    It's the suburban Australian street without any shame where a disgraceful family gets their children to fight their battles. Kids terrorise their neighbours, but mum and dad deny they are the ones setting the bad example.
  • Taxi driver's tormenting texts

    It's the last straw in an industry plagued with problems. When a young woman ordered a taxi she did not expect to receive a texting tirade from the driver. It was rude, unprofessional and downright terrifying.
  • Obese former army officer defeated by his belly

    When he served in Australia's army he was charged with serving soldiers food. Now he's retired, weighing in at 350kg and wanting taxpayers to serve him — in bed. But the government says they should not be dishing out money to someone who is eating themselves to death.
  • Rude awakening for Channel Ten's line up

    After a short but troubled six months, Channel Ten axed its morning program 'Wake Up!' along with its morning and late news. It's a major shakeup with around 150 jobs to go at the problem-plagued network in desperate need of a fresh start.
  • Putting cheap jeans to the quality and comfort test

    Australia's budget department stores are offering jeans for $10. They're not the names you think of when you think of jeans, but they're names you associate with quality. A Current Affair takes these discount jeans out for a test-walk.
  • Tuesday, 20th May 2014
  • Families stalked by fractured fathers

    Everyday thousands of women across Australia face domestic violence with no way of defending themselves. On A Current Affair it's the story of one brave woman who grew tired of running and fought back, protecting herself and her children with a video camera.
  • Australia's Shellac shonks and shockers

    It's the beauty industry's ugly secret — imitation Shellac with painful results. You think you're getting the real deal but cheap copycats are damaging your nails and ruining your health.
  • Breakfast Radio DJs sinking lower to raise ratings

    If you thought the pranks could not get any worse, breakfast radio has stooped to a new low. Cracking jokes that would see most Australian workers fired.

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