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  • Thursday, 22nd October 2015
  • Jake Carlisle

    The damaging fall-out after A Current Affair aired vision of AFL star Jake Carlisle snorting white powder.
  • Crash Rorts

    The car crash victims faking their injuries to cheat the system.
  • Teen Gangs

    The violent teenage gang making a family virtual prisoners in their own home. The young thugs caught on camera roaming the streets after dark and wrecking everything in their path.
  • Wednesday, 21st October 2015
  • New Aldi

    They're the all new, improved Aldi supermarkets. Special lighting, wood panels and different product placement - all designed to get you through the door. But will it have an impact on prices?
  • Drink Spiking Doctor

    He's the high-profile doctor who committed an act of betrayal. Tonight on A Current Affair, the full story of how a respected oncologist attacked a young colleague in his home.
  • Murder Mystery

    The disturbing breakthrough in two murder investigations across two states.
  • Star Snorter

    He's one of the country's highest profile sportsmen. A star AFL player who, unbelievably, filmed a video of himself ingesting a white substance through his nose and posted it on social media.
  • Tuesday, 20th October 2015
  • Fagin Mum

    They were the CCTV images that shocked Australia: a mother taking her two young boys on a stealing spree. Now, Janelle Hutcheson has finally had her day in court.
  • Tree Street

    A council spat over trees that has turned a shady suburban street into a moonscape.
  • Court Mum

    In two years, Andrew Elvidge has racked up a rap sheet with 41 convictions, even while serving a good behaviour bond he's been breaking the law. Then there are his years of court penalty fines - more than $8,000 worth. Now, his mother has had enough and is calling on the judicial system to lock her son up.
    Julie grimley
    Does the law not understand anything. Come down hard the first time and we might not have as many juvenile delinquents

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