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  • Friday, 10th January 2014
  • High Seas Cruise Sale

    There's never been a better time for Australians to hit the high seas and now they can do it on a budget. Cruise ship holidays are more fun, more luxurious, and for Australian families, singles and seniors, there's never been a better time to save.
  • 50 & Fabulous

    They're some of the most beautiful women in the world and they're all in their 50s. A Current Affair takes a look at 50 being the new 40 and the secrets to living young and looking fabulous.
    If loud, obnoxious, sensitive and claiming racism and sexism where there is none is fabulous then they are FABULOUS
  • Forever Young

    They're the Aussie seniors who could run rings around Gen Y in the workplace. Instead of putting their feet up, these would-be retirees are powering on in their grey years. A Current Affair brings you a special report on Australia's hard-working generation that refuses to quit
  • Thursday, 9th January 2014
  • Parking Meter Grace

    A Good Guy mayor is giving drivers in his Victorian city 15 minutes grace before writing them out a parking ticket. It's the loophole that means you won't pay and drivers across the country love it.
  • Soaring Credit Card Charges

    Buying plane tickets online is supposed to make things cheap and easy. Yet airlines are tacking credit card "service fees" onto the final amount that can be as high as 20% of the ticket price. A Current Affair brings you a special report on how you can keep those extra charges grounded.
  • Break In Braggers

    These kids have broken into several people's homes, stole their stuff and bragged about it. They had access to personal photos on stolen phones, iPads and laptops. Then these thieves used the stolen goods to taunt the owners before destroying their stuff. But the very same technologies got them caught red-handed
  • Rent Money Rorter

    Small-business owner Steven Kyriacou tried to set his family up for a comfortable financial future by investing everything he had into two small rental properties. Then a rental agent smashed his dreams. Now Steven wants answers and the thousands of dollars he's owed
  • Wednesday, 8th January 2014
  • Christopher "The Cancer Loverat"

    He told her he had cancer. Then he swindled her out of her savings. In an A Current Affair exclusive we track down the cruel "Loverat" who conned a single Melbourne Mum out of $50,000 so he could take his girlfriend on a luxury cruise.
  • Gluten Free Phenomenon

    First everyone was cutting fat from their diets, and then they targeted the carbs. Now the latest dietary devotion is to go gluten free… but what impact is it really having on our health? A Current Affair investigates the problems and benefits of going without gluten.
  • Brisbane's Party Boys

    These Gold Coast teenagers put their party plans on Facebook. Properties were trashed, neighbours were terrorised. Even the the police were assaulted when they came in to move everyone along. And even though the cost of clearing out and cleaning up the drunken, riotous partiers will cost taxpayers thousands of dollars, these party boys don't give a damn

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