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Retail deals archive
  • Friday, 21st March 2014
  • Cheaper is better for exercise clothing brands

    There's been an explosion of exercise clothing brands of late. But are they all created equally? A Current Affair's scientific investigation proves that cheaper brands are the best.
  • Tuesday, 11th February 2014
  • Cheap cars set to flood Australian market

    With the announcement that Toyota in going the way of Ford and Holden and abandoning car manufacturing in Australia, there's every chance your next new car will come from Asia or even Africa. But cheap doesn't always equate to low quality, as A Current Affair explains.
  • Thursday, 30th January 2014
  • Biggest supermarket free for all

    A new front in the supermarket war is about to erupt and consumers are likely to be the big winners. Retails giants are preparing to dish out half a billion dollars in discounts in the biggest ever free for all.
  • Monday, 20th January 2014
  • Shopping at tomorrow's supermarket

    Supermarkets have come a long way in the last 100 years. With loyalty programs already making it easier for shoppers to find bargains and some checkouts taking payments from mobile phones. Tomorrow's shoppers will find supermarket shopping to be a breeze, thanks to consumer-friendly technologies.
  • Wednesday, 15th January 2014
  • Supermarket worker sacked for being pregnant

    Becoming a mother for the first time is normally a cause for celebration. But for Caress Spetiri, pregnancy meant unemployment, with the 23-year-old sacked the moment news broke she was expecting. Now she is taking on her former boss to prove the sacking was illegal.
  • Friday, 10th January 2014
  • High Seas Cruise Sale

    There's never been a better time for Australians to hit the high seas and now they can do it on a budget. Cruise ship holidays are more fun, more luxurious, and for Australian families, singles and seniors, there's never been a better time to save.
  • Monday, 30th December 2013
  • Copycats prowl in the Supermarket Wars

    For years the Big Two supermarkets have been sneaking products onto their shelves with designs all-too similar to their competitors
  • Mums' Myer sting

    A couple of crafty mothers use parenthood as an almost-perfect disguise, pulling off a spate of robberies in Myer stores across Sydney
  • Friday, 27th December 2013
  • Best champagne to kick off New Year

    After the Christmas hangover comes the New Year and more celebrations. So to help you prepare to see in 2014, A Current Affair has shopped around for the best budget champagne and wine on the market.
  • Wednesday, 25th December 2013
  • Theme park deals for the family

    Summer means holidays and that often includes a visit to Australia's best theme parks. So A Current Affair has done the homework to find the best family deals money can buy.

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