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Money archive
  • Thursday, 16th May 2013
  • Cash hunter

    They're the cash hunters on the lookout for your missing money. Now, they're returning thousands of dollars to families in need.
  • Friday, 10th May 2013
  • Powerball mystery

    It's just a little bit of paper, but it's worth $31 million dollars.
  • Tuesday, 30th April 2013
  • Rent nightmare

    For more and more Australians, renting is the only option with home ownership often out of reach. But the cost of leasing is on the rise making once affordable suburbs now too expensive for ordinary families.
  • Friday, 26th April 2013
  • Pensioner scam

    They're the unsuspecting pensioners being ripped off. Now, A Current Affair exposes the shameless retailer overcharging and lying to elderly customers.
  • Senior savings

    From groceries to glasses, if you're over 50 and paying full price, you're being ripped off. An ever increasing number of businesses are now offering exclusive discounts to seniors. And A Current Affair has the list.
  • Thursday, 18th April 2013
  • Inheritance hunter

    Meet Australia's inheritance hunter. She's given away more than $1 billion in unclaimed trusts and has another $50 million she's trying to find a home for.
  • Friday, 12th April 2013
  • Will Scam

    He's the smooth-tongued salesman trying to talk his way into other people's cash.
  • Thursday, 11th April 2013
  • Runaway scammer

    He's the boss from hell who targets families, charities and even disabled children before running away from his debts.
  • Friday, 5th April 2013
  • Seniors scam

    Older Australians conned into handing over their pensions and their life-savings. The new scams targeting elderly Aussies. A special seniors investigation.
  • Monday, 25th March 2013
  • Powerball vigilantes

    It's a spiteful campaign against a family who won a $50 million Powerball jackpot. They're being targeted by an ex-neighbour in a letter box drop that outlines their lavish spending. Now, it's sparked outrage.

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