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  • Thursday, 6th February 2014
  • Gardening stand-over scam exposed

    He's the shady gardener who'll do anything to get his hands on your hard earned. Anything that is, except work for it. Tonight on A Current Affair, we take you inside the police operation to catch this serial fraudster red handed – fast talking his way into hundreds of dollars.
  • Wednesday, 5th February 2014
  • Plates scam: Salesman dumps toll bill on pensioner

    He's the smooth talking salesman caught using fake number plates to avoid paying tolls. Only, the plates are very real and their owner – a struggling pensioner – has been left to foot the bill. A court found the fraudster guilty, so why are debt collectors now chasing the wrong man? A Current Affair investigates.
  • Albany grandfather's hitman secret exposed

    When it comes to Brian Vincent Atwell, the saying "blood is thicker than water" rings true. The Australian of the Year nominee and grandfather-of-five willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to have his daughter-in-law killed. Just what motivated him to do it? A Current Affair investigates.
  • Thursday, 30th January 2014
  • Nowhere to hide for AVO seekers

    Restraining orders are supposed to protect people who are living in fear but too often they are failing. It's a tragic story repeated again and again - a man who disregards the order to stay away and a woman left with nowhere to hide.
  • Tracking down a fugitive driver

    Sam Izod is a strong man with bulging muscles but he's nothing but a coward. He destroyed a young man's life in a car crash but instead of facing the consequences he fled overseas. Now, A Current Affair tracks him down.
  • Wednesday, 29th January 2014
  • Who killed this high society woman?

    She was a well-known society figure who was loved by everyone who knew her. Jenny Moss didn't have an enemy in the world. So who killed her?
  • Tuesday, 28th January 2014
  • Long weekend nightmare for paramedics

    We may all love the Australia Day long weekend but ambulance crews dread it. A Current Affair went along for the nightshift that often becomes a wild and violent free-for-all.
  • Moment of truth for man who took on intruder

    Donald Brooke's life has been in turmoil since he took on a young man who broke into his home. Now, A Current Affair brings you a development in the story that sparked debate across the country.
  • Thursday, 23rd January 2014
  • King Hit cowards terrorising our streets

    When most Australians stay civil when they are on a night out, these cowards terrorise our streets. A Current Affair exposes the terrible few making our city streets too dangerous at night and trashing Australia's reputation at the same time.
  • Wednesday, 22nd January 2014
  • Dine in and ache away

    There's nothing fun about food poisoning. And in a worst case scenario it can be deadly. In a Special Investigation, A Current Affair reveals the potentially fatal dangers diners face if their favourite take away fails to properly handle food. Plus expert advice on how keeping your family's meals safe.

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