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  • Wednesday, 16th April 2014
  • When AVOs don't work, a victim's story

    What happens when intervention orders don’t work? This was the terrifying reality of one victims of domestic violence, whose cries for help fell on deaf ears. She speaks out for the first time so that others know they don’t have to live in fear.
  • Teacher defends $100k non-work payout

    It's the sort of accident that could happen to anyone, tripping over on a raised footpath. But a 71-year-old school teacher stands to gain $100,000 or more because it happened to him, on his way to work at a local school.
  • Faulty washing machine poses deadly fire risk

    A humble household appliance, turned ticking time bomb. On A Current Affair tonight, we show you how potentially dangerous an everyday washing machine can be.
  • Footy great's gambling shame

    He's one of the biggest men and biggest names in Australian soccer but Zeljko Kalac hides a very dark secret. He's bankrupt owing more than half a million dollars, forcing one of his many creditors to lose his OWN home paying for Zelko's debts.
  • Tuesday, 15th April 2014
  • Million dollar home could be yours for $5

    It could be the cheapest investment you've ever made – with possibly the biggest return. Growing an impressive property portfolio is something most of us can only dream of - but imagine winning one instantly – and all for just five dollars. A Current Affair tells you how.
  • AC/DC rumoured to split

    Forty years, 200 million albums and a 59-year-old schoolboy on lead guitar. They’re Australia’s favourite migrant kids who rose to fame with their own raw brand of rock ‘n’ roll. Now ACDC’s future as a band is under a cloud. A Current Affair looks at an Australian rock ‘n’ roll institution.
  • Is 52 too old to work?

    With talk about the pension age being lifted to 70, Aussie seniors are asking what kind of jobs are out there for them and whether they will be able to find a job at all. That's an issue weighing heavily on Jean Buchan's mind. At 52 she's been knocked back for a job because she was deemed to be too old. And you won't believe how she found out.
  • Aussie love rat's double life exposed

    They thought they had found true love but their new bloke was hiding a nasty secret. Their Prince Charming exposed as a cheating love rat, dating not one, not two, but 10 women and leaving a trail of broken promises and hearts in his wake. Now these heartbroken mums get their sweet revenge and A Current Affair was there.
  • Monday, 14th April 2014
  • Royal anticipation fever pitch ahead of tour

    Two more sleeps and counting. They've won over New Zealand and now they have Australia in their sights, as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare to touch down on Aussie shores this Wednesday. And bringing with them, the star attraction - a bright, bubbly and very cute Prince George. Want to catch a glimpse of Will, Kate or baby George on tour? A Current Affair gives you the royal rundown.
  • 'Forking' scam hits Aussie ATMs

    It's the new ATM fraud targeting Aussie account holders. Hundreds of thousands of dollars "skimmed" from under trusted banks' noses; all thanks to an instrument being compared to your everyday household fork. "Forking" or "cash trapping" may sound simple but, as our A Current Affair investigation reveals, it's not so simple getting your money back.

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