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  • Thursday, 28th April 2016
  • Gumtree Warning

    Meet the man accused of a Gumtree sting that has left families out of pocket.
  • Debenhams Down Under

    British department store Debenhams sell everything from clothes and homewares to toys and makeup. Now, they're the latest international retailer muscling in on the Aussie market.
  • Postcard Bandit

    On the eve of Brendan Abbott's court bid to be granted freedom, the man who has kept him under lock and key breaks his silence.
  • Apex Gang Violence

    Grabbed, strangled and repeatedly kicked - it's the violent ambush at a suburban shopping centre that was caught on camera.
  • Wednesday, 27th April 2016
  • Salim AVO

    Four weeks ago, A Current Affair broke the news that colourful councillor Salim Mehajer and wife Aysha are living separate lives just eight months after their lavish wedding. Since then, things have gotten worse for the former Deputy Mayor.
  • Bob Quinn

    Meet the businessman accused of living the high-life at the expense of taxpayers.
  • Bank Fees

    It's a multi-billion dollar business and the banks are laughing all the way to the bank. A Current Affair have the tips and tricks to from the experts on how you can avoid paying bank fees and unfair charges.
  • Tuesday, 26th April 2016
  • Mega Mosque Follow-Up

    Earlier this month, A Current Affair brought you the story of a community divided over plans to build a giant mosque and Islamic school in their area. Today, Casey Council decided the Narre Warren site's future.
  • Centrelink Medical Scam

    The crackdown on welfare recipients using a medical scam to get the dole without having to find work.
  • Love Triangle Murder

    It's a sinister love triangle that ended in murder. Inside a crime driven by passion, money and lies. Plus, meet the ex-husband who says he is lucky to be alive.

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