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  • Wednesday, 27th August 2014
  • Walking your way to cheaper groceries

    They're one of Australia's favourite points deals. A Current Affair reveals the latest Fly Buys offers – that will even let you walk your way to cheaper groceries.
  • Turning the tables on a thief

    You don't mess with Mike Van Vliet. Mr Van Vilet is the proud homeowner who turned the tables on a robber who'd just ransacked his house – chasing him for two kilometers before eventually hunting him down.
  • Evicted at their lowest point

    They're the hard-working Aussie family being evicted from their home ... after their daughter was diagnosed with lymphoma. But as A Current Affair learns they're not going down without a fight.
  • Bridezilla versus Bridezilla

    It's the battle of the brides… and it's brutal. A Current Affair meets the woman accused of ripping off brides-to-be – while she went on to enjoy her own lavish wedding.
  • Tuesday, 26th August 2014
  • The best diet ever

    This year more than five million Australians will make the choice to try and lose weight, so there's little doubt a diet claiming to be the World's Best is sure to attract attention. But this is a diet with a difference – and is meant to make sure you don't put back on the weight you've already lost.
  • Betrayed by their own daughter

    They're the pensioners who had their daughter charged for stealing thousands of dollars they'd saved for their funerals. Now, she's begging for their forgiveness and for tearing her close-knit family apart all over a "moment of madness".
  • Oscar the Brave

    Guest reporter Chrissy Swan, joins A Current Affair, to bring you the inspirational story of Oscar the Brave. Oscar and his family are facing an uphill battle, one that you wouldn't wish on anybody, but they simply refuse to give in.
  • Monday, 25th August 2014
  • The big ticket machine causing controversy

    It's considered a gold mine for mobile speed cameras - a new location that's just been approved to target lead foot drivers. Every 30 seconds someone gets fined netting the government big money – and leading many to wonder if the camera is actually there to save lives or raise revenue.
  • The travel agent ripping off families

    he's the "travel agent", accused of backstabbing and betraying holiday-goers and simply ripping them off. A Current Affair meets the families who were hoping for a relaxing holiday, but instead endured a nightmare from hell. .
  • Sonia Kruger's big baby news

    It is the wish Sonia Kruger had feared she would never fulfill. Now pregnant at 49, the glamorous personality chats exclusively to A Current Affair and reveals whether she's having a boy or a girl.

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