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  • Friday, 28th August 2015
  • The death of the cabbie?

    It's the ridesharing scheme that's taken our cities by storm, effectively becoming the country's biggest cab service – but what impact is Uber having on Australia's hardworking taxi drivers?
  • Real estate's funniest home videos

    Selfies, stunts and Superman clobber – tonight, A Current Affair brings you the Aussie real estate comedians who'll do just about anything to sell you a home.
  • Thursday, 27th August 2015
  • Sean Price

    For years this monster raped, threatened and beat women, and the system let him walk the streets. A beautiful 17-year-old Melbourne girl paid the ultimate penalty.
  • Bouris fight

    They are two Aussie celebrities and the gloves are off. Boxing champion Danny Green is set to take on brilliantly brutal businessman Mark Bouris in the ring, but it's all in the name of charity.
  • Salim vs The Candyman

    It's the battle of the wannabes. Salim the deputy Mayor versus the Gold Coast playboy. With a rumoured reality show in the works, is the Candyman jealous of Salim's newfound fame?
  • Neighbour wars

    They have been dubbed Australia's most feral family. For a year Sheridan McGuire and Brenton Kelly terrorised their Ipswich neighbourhood, throwing rocks, hurling abuse, and making death threats. But now the streets are quiet – because they are in jail.
  • Wednesday, 26th August 2015
  • Big pay

    It is the world's most popular sitcom, and it's biggest actors have the salaries to match. ACA looks at the staggering paychecks enjoyed by stars of The Big Bang Theory.
  • Pensioner

    Danny is a 65-year-old pensioner caring for his adult intellectually disabled son. The Mt Druitt handyman lent friends nearly $100,000 when they hit the skids, every last dollar he had. He says they haven't paid him back.
  • Sect survivor

    She was born into the world's most secretive sect. What they did to her family still haunts her. Tonight, ACA talks to a survivor of the Exclusive Brethren.
  • Tuesday, 25th August 2015
  • Fair go for Layton

    Layton Smith was only a little boy when he was left permanently disabled after a car accident a decade ago. The driver of the other vehicle suffered a heart attack, and NRMA refused an insurance payout as Layton was deemed the victim of a "blameless accident". Tonight, his dad shares his anger at the heartless decision.

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