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  • Tuesday, 6th October 2015
  • Celebrity Healer

    He's the Australian socialite who claims he can heal body pain, allergy symptoms and infections - just by using the power of his mind.
  • Snapchat Rat

    The major shock for one of Australia's most well-known families that should serve as a warning for everyone.
  • House Trashers

    Rita and James Snellman's home was transformed into a filthy, unlivable dump. When we approached the tenants about cleaning up their mess, they attacked.
  • Monday, 5th October 2015
  • Salim's Stunt

    Ever since his extravagant wedding in August, Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer has attracted controversy for his bizarre antics. Now, he's spoken exclusively to Channel Nine on the condition that he conduct the interview "Presidential-style", from behind a lectern.
  • Dawson

    Two coroners have recommended that a known person be charged with the murder of Lynette Dawson. But ruling that there is not enough evidence, the New South Wales Director of Public Prosecutions has so far declined.
  • Terror Teens

    How does someone so young become a cold-blooded killer? And how do we stop these teenage terror conversions?
  • Friday, 2nd October 2015
  • Casket Home

    They're the Aussie brothers who've won the lottery not once, but twice. Now, they're hoping to strike gold a third time.
  • Super Tricks

    The idea of retirement can be daunting, especially if you're not sure that you have the funds saved to support a comfortable lifestyle. Now, there's an easy way to find out where you stand financially and how long your nest egg will last.
  • Arthritis Exclusive

    A new, affordable treatment is helping to block the crippling pain of Rheumatoid Arthritis, with one pill taken twice a day. The medication is now available and it's not the only promising development in the fight against the debilitating disease.
  • Strata Nightmares

    Soaring house prices mean more Australians are living in apartments. But there are plenty of hidden traps, for both buyers and renters, that often leave families frustrated and angry.

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