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  • Thursday, 26th November 2015
  • ACA's Christmas hamper giveway

    Find out which suburbs are the frontrunners to win A Current Affair’s annual Christmas hamper giveaway – and nominate your suburb below!
  • Behind the scenes on The Block

    As the final curtain falls on what’s been one of the most colourful seasons yet of The Block, take a look behind the scenes of this Aussie favourite.
  • Welfare wipeout

    It’s the multi-billion dollar time bomb that threatens to blow the nation’s debt sky high – but will it be pensioners, families, or the unemployed who will bear the brunt of the blast?
  • Wednesday, 25th November 2015
  • Inside Hillsong

    He's the cult-like leader who loves his flock and knows just how to get to its hip pocket. Tonight, A Current Affair goes inside the private world of Hillsong head Brian Houston.
  • A wedding for the ages

    Five years after they met at a funeral, he proposed and she accepted. But what sets this couple apart is their near half-century age difference. Tonight, A Current Affair joins the party at their wedding.
  • HD TV comes to Channel Nine

    Bold, fresh and crystal-clear, it's a massive step in the evolution of Aussie TV – and best of all, it's free.
  • Tuesday, 24th November 2015
  • Billy Birmingham

    It's been one long wild ride for comedian Billy Birmingham. But now, he's calling stumps on his hilarious career and in true The 12th Man fashion, he's going out with a bang.
  • Anita Cobby

    The four retired detectives who led the Anita Cobby murder investigation discuss one of the biggest manhunts this country has ever seen and their breakthroughs - that came in the days when DNA evidence was very much in its infancy.
  • Monday, 23rd November 2015
  • Logies Voting Now Open

    Voting for the 2016 Logie Awards has now opened.
  • Hampers

    Once again, A Current Affair and Woolworths have teamed up to hand out hundreds of Christmas hampers right around Australia - absolutely free.

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